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11/28/10 03:42 am
OMG!! Im gonna die if you don't continue "Leave your field to flower". please!!
02/13/09 03:52 pm
Would you continue "Leave your field to flower"? I can't sleep because of that fic, is so great!
01/22/09 07:18 am
your copious talents into them. I feel lucky to be an H/D late bloomer, to get to read these for the first time.
01/22/09 07:15 am
Just read "Left My Heart" and "Surrender the Grey" in a bit of a marathon sitting. Some of the best writing I have ever encountered in the fanfic/slash world. Thank you for pouring
01/05/09 05:08 pm
Plz write more cedric/harry stories!!! or expand on the ones you already have absolutely love those stories and of course the pairing :)
12/04/08 05:35 pm
Love all your stories, they're just so... real =) Hope you keep writing, so I can keep reading you *wink*
Ellie Angel
11/10/08 05:20 pm
love left my heart just couldn't stop reading once i started, havent found a fic like that in years, thank you for sharing. ellie
10/17/08 01:19 am
emma you are amazing! I don't even like star wars very much but I've read all ur stuff because u wrote it. (please write more harry/Draco, I will give you many cookies and brownies )
09/09/08 06:30 am
I have to concur. I just love Left My Heart and Surrender the Grey.
Erna P.
08/03/08 01:57 pm
Emma, you are the greatest fanfiction-author ever!

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