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Post-Hogwarts Harry/Draco Fan Fiction: A Comprehensive List

Welcome to après l'école! "Après l'école" is French for "after school", and that is what we feature here: links to Harry Potter H/D slash fanfic set after the boys have left school. Imagine the possibilities! Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, adults with their childhood animosity behind them, seeing each other with new eyes...

In an attempt to include all the new post-Hogwarts fic written after the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, we've added a new category to our lineup of fics set during and after the war. We now welcome links to fics set after the end of HPB in what would have been the boys' Seventh Year, had circumstances not forced them to cut short their school years. How do Harry and Draco find one another again after the dramatic events at the end of Half-Blood Prince? How can they get past their recent actions and come together in something more than mutual obsession or hatred? Fics in this category will answer those questions, and more!

We strive to offer the most comprehensive list of links to post-Hogwarts Harry/Draco slash fics on the web. Our admin team will be constantly updating the site with new links and fixing any broken ones, so check back often. If you have a story you would like to see linked here (or want to share a broken or updated link) please use the contact form, or email us at apreslecole@gmail.com.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not host any artwork or fanfiction here on the site. Après l'école is NOT an archive, but a collection of LINKS to works hosted elsewhere.

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Main Categories
Harry & Draco: Seventh Year [52] Fics in this category are set after the end of Half-Blood Prince and predict what will happen next as circumstances force each boy to depart Hogwarts a year early. All these stories have spoiler potential, so consider yourself warned!
Harry & Draco: The War Years [205] Fics in this category take place after Hogwarts and during the war. Stories may or may not be compliant with Half-Blood Prince, so beware of potential spoilers!
Harry & Draco: Life Goes On [1406] Fics in this category are set after the war, when the boys are all grown up. Stories may or may not be compliant with Half-Blood Prince, so be on the lookout for spoilers!

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Site Launch!
by Emma Grant on 04/30/06 - 01:55PM

Welcome to the new après l'école! Please note that we haven't finished updating the site just yet!  We're still in the process of adding fics posted in the last year, so if you have any to recommend, please send them our way.

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